How to make the right choice when purchasing art

How to make the right choice when purchasing Art

Paper Choices

Each Print should be hand printed on some of the best papers available.

Paper should be an important consideration whe purchasing a print since it varies in texture, tone and color.

Rives BFK papers are 100% cotton rag acid free of medium wheight. (white, tan, cream)

Japanese rice papers are light weight and also are archival, the main feture of these papers is that they give the print a delicate feeliing.

Stonhedge papers are 100% cotton rag papers made in america that is medium weight and has a smooth texture.

American Masters 100% cotton rag, acid free medium weight. 

Hand made papers: We, sometimes, use hand made unique papers to experiment with new textures and the possibilities of a unique surface.

If you have any questions about how to choose a paper please contact us.

Photographic processing

When chosing a photographic print you should take into consideration the type of processing used to produce the image.

Silver Gelatin: This is the most traditional of photographic images where the print is made in a darkroom using silver-sensitive paper and chemicals. A print of this type will last for a long time.

Inkjet/Gleecle: The inks used on our prints are archival inks that provide some of the best tonalities and lightfastedness. This type of print should also printed on high quality archival paper makes this a great choice for a fine art photograph.

Lithography: Hand printed with lithographic plates, ink and roller on Archival printmaking papers makes this type of print a magnificent choice for an art collector. Images of this type will last for generations. Note that each print will be unique since the hand printing process allows for variations in intensity, tonality and color.

Hand colored photographs. A process in which the artist hand colors the image on photographs, traditionally oil color or oil based colored pencils are used but many other techniques are available; the result is an image that is one of a kind art work.


The basic idea of sculpture is that it is three dimmensional; after that there are no limits on what the material or the subject matter is. 

Marble: Sculptures made of marble are a wonderful addition to a collection. Marble is strong but fragile and delicate.

Alabaster: This is a beautiful semitransparent stone that seems to glow when light passes through it. Beautiful, delicate and softer than marble, 

Limestone: Strong; well built has a tendency to be a smooth gray very strong stone when boulders are found; it may be fragil if it comes from a layered platform.

Wood: There is a joy in owning a hand carved wood sculpture; the unique styles that it creates in all its varieties are a challenge to the artist and the collector. Stronger than stone and less fragile.

Welded metal: Scuptures crafted out of weleded metals are long lasting, strong, unique and may be placed in or outdoors.

Found objects and materials: Here the liit is the imagination of the artist. adding a sculpture piece made of found objects is a solid investment. 

The Artist

The most important consideration in purchasing Art is the Artist. We believe that buying directlly from the artist provides the buyer with a special relationship: Collector-Artist