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Chicago Art Market

Sell your art online. Artists are invited to participate in our curated online gallery. We provide artists with the opportunity to display and sell their art work. Sales are carried in a secure environment where buyers feel comfortable with their purchase.

Portfolio submission. Contact us through email, phone, fax or mail with your interest to participate in the gallery. Include Name, address, phone numbers, résumé and a CD with images of your work, DVD for film artists or audio CD for sound artists.

Portfolio Review. We will set up a digital or in person portfolio review. Review of your work usually takes one week. After artist is accepted each individual work to be displayed would be curated.

Art work delivery. Each artist is responsible for packaging & delivery of art work to customer. Proof of delivery is needed before payment is released to artist.

Receive payment for art work sold. We will process buyers information immediately and send it to artist to expedite delivery and payment. We will process payment using the most convenient method. Artists will get their money as soon as proof of delivery to buyer is on hand.

Taxes: Sale tax; income tax; etc. Chicago Art Market is responsible for collecting sales taxes and we will process and submit taxes to state agencies. Artists are responsible for income taxes for items sold through web site.

Costs to artists. A $20.00 US Dollar, one time set-up fee. A 10% commission will be deducted from all sales to maintain web site and accounting costs.

Image size. We recommend: 600x 450 pixels at 72 dpi is a good size for web viewing.

If you have Adobe Photoshop please optimize for web. Please consider good quality images to display. Include description of each individual piece with size, medium, weight and price in US Dollars.