Delivery Information

We strive to find the mos convenient and economic way to send you your books. In the USA there is no problem but sending books to Europe or Latin America may cost more.


  • In the Chicago Area we may hand deliver book orders to ensure proper handling.

United States

  • We will deliver via UPS and USPS.

Latin America

  • We are looking for the best way to send books. It is still difficult and cost prohibitive. It may be better for now to order through Amazon or get the Kindle version of the book.  (A Shipping surcharge may be added to fees to cover delivery.)

Books Shipping Costs

  • Book shipping is calculated as a flat rate of 2.50 per shipping plus 0.40 per each additional book.

Lowest price shipping

  • We will look at the lowest price for shipping you order without endangering the work. we will not add-on fake costs.